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Our humans.

We're James and Hector.

For us, great marketing is less about mechanics and more about the magic of storytelling. We tip the scales back in direction of creativity, simplicity and fun. 

We built Malcontent because investors deserve better experiences from their providers. And because marketers deserve to be working on cool, exciting projects.

The rewards of recognition await for brands brave enough to accept the challenge.

We’ve worked as brand and content strategists, advertising and campaign creators, product marketers, investment writers and editors. 


And now we're ready to put our experience to work for you. 

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James Pexton

Managing Director & Co-founder

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Hector Reid

Director & Co-founder

From their perspective...

“What’s different about James is his ability to inhabit a brand and his total dedication to delivering authentic, meaningful and engaging experiences.”

Head of Intermediated Channel & Product Marketing,
Asset management industry

“James actively empowers people to push content boundaries. If you need help levelling up your creative strategy, he will be with you every step of the way.”

Head of Product Marketing,
Carbon credit ratings & risk analytics

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“Hector is a deft, meticulous editor with a real gift for making complicated topics simple. He's also an excellent mentor and model professional.”
Leading global news org

“An enormous asset. Hector is an exceptional writer and editor with a particularly impressive ability to generate engaging copy from any subject.”
Content Manager,

Property investment platform

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