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The art of the possible

We built Malcontent because investors deserve better than observational, ‘one-size-fits-none’ content strategies. And the rewards of recognition await for those brands brave enough to accept the challenge.


After 30+ years at the sharp end of investment marketing at BlackRock, Amundi and beyond, we're here to help you make it happen. We’ve worked as brand and content strategists, advertising and campaign creators, product marketers, investment writers and editors. And now we're ready to work with you. 

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Our humans

It's true what they say. Marketing is both art and science. But all too often it's science first, art nowhere. 

We tip the scales back in the right direction. The direction of creativity, simplicity and fun. 

For us, great marketing is less about mechanics and more about the magic of storytelling.

James Pexton

Managing Director

James has been in financial services long enough to remember people smoking in the office. He first discovered a love of language when looming deadlines at university left him little option but to take other people’s essays (thanks Jason) and use his own words instead. Since then, he’s worked at financial advisers, benefit consultants, insurers and, for the last 17 years, asset managers. Away from the world of business and the joys of being a father to three teenagers (two human, one canine), you’ll either find him reading, listening to 90s rock music or playing cricket aggressively but somewhat haphazardly. 

Hector Reid


Hector trained as a direct-response copywriter and led MoneyWeek’s newsletters desk before joining the world of asset management. No one was smoking in the office after the GFC. His love of words and pugnacious defence of style and grammar encouraged a series of career officers to suggest life as a barrister. Preferring to exercise his creative flair on the page, he’s seen the best and worst of investment marketing—and still loves nothing more than wrangling with SMEs to transform seemingly inert topics into sparkling stories. Now based in the foothills of the Cairngorms, he has the typical writer’s passions: walking, reading, crosswords, and inventing new ways to complete deep work with a wild toddler and Saluki in the house. 

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